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WLIC’s University Transfer Programs (UTP) offer international students the opportunity to be fully prepared for and begin their university studies. Those looking for a foundation program, begin in UTP Stage I. Those ready for university can instead opt for UTP Stage II and complete the equivalent of first year university in a supportive and academically rich environment. After UTP Stage II, students enter directly into year 2 of their degree at Laurier.

University transfer program: Stage I

UTP Stage I at WLIC is designed to prepare you for entry to university-level programs. In UTP Stage I, you complete eight courses. After successfully completing this program, you will progress to UTP Stage II.

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Human and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (FHSS) offers many opportunities to explore complex issues relevant to today’s society.

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Science faculty members are engaged in high-quality research, the advancement of scientific knowledge and the application of that knowledge to real-world problems.

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Liberal Arts

A degree in Liberal Arts provides you with many opportunities to explore different fields while developing essential skills in critical thinking and communication.

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The Faculty of Arts is the largest and most diverse faculty at Laurier with 19 departments and interdisciplinary programming spanning a number of fields in the social sciences and humanities.

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Business and Economics

From day one, Lazaridis School students learn to work in teams tackling real-world problems that exist now.

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Academic Transition Pathway Program

The Academic Transition Pathway program serves as your bridge to academic success, helping you meet your language and academic goals. It offers a comprehensive pathway to ensure your readiness for the academic challenges ahead.

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Complete List of Degree Options

Upon completion of the University Transfer Program (Stage II) with the required GPA, you will be offered unconditional admission to Year 2 at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Undergraduate Program List
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