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WLIC Refund Policy

Fee Refund Policy Cancellation and Withdrawal

  1. The student may at any time, cancel their enrolment at WLIC. In all cases, the Fee Refund Policy will apply.
  2. The student may, at any time, withdraw from a program. In all cases, the Fee Refund Policy will apply.
  3. In all cases, if the student intends to cancel their enrolment or withdraw from a program, the student must notify WLIC in writing.
  4. For details of the academic consequences of withdrawing from a program after commencing studies, please review WLIC’s Withdrawal Policy under Policies and Procedures.

Fee Refund Policy

  1. For the purposes of this Fee Refund Policy, tuition, fees and charges are defined in terms of one full-time term of study (equivalent to four subjects) in any program at WLIC.
  2. Students may dispute WLIC’s decision regarding a refund by submitting a written request for reconsideration, together with details supporting their request, to the Navitas North America Director of Finance. This process does not restrict the student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.
  3. In cases of the cancellation of enrolment or withdrawal from a program or course, the cancellation fee, administration charge, if relevant, and the refund of tuition, fees and charges, is calculated as shown in the table below.
  4. In cases of deferrals, the tuition, fees and charges paid by the student will be retained by WLIC, without interest or penalty, until the student recommences their studies or withdraws from WLIC.
  5. If the student subsequently withdraws from WLIC after having deferred the start of their program, the Fee Refund Policy will apply as at the date WLIC was advised of the student’s deferral, based on the original start date of the program.
  6. Where a study permit:
    • a. is refused to the student after enrolment; or
    • b. is not, for any reason, extended by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada;
    • WLIC will charge the current term tuition and fees and an additional $500 administration fee if student is enrolled in courses and provides notice of study permit refusal to WLIC past the no financial penalty course drop deadline.
    • If student provides notice of study permit refusal prior to the no financial penalty course drop deadline, WLIC will refund the balance of the tuition, fees, and charges paid by the student less the cancellation fee of $500 as set out in the table below for ‘study permit refusal’.
  7. A student whose enrolment is terminated by WLIC due to a breach of the terms and conditions of the contract between the student and WLIC, including, without limitation, the rules, regulations and policies of WLIC, will not be entitled to any refund of any tuition, fees and (commencement of classes will be the day of orientation) charges.
  8. As set out elsewhere in the conditions of enrolment, WLIC reserves the right to withdraw a program or course(s) from offer. If, as a result, a student is unable to enroll in a similar program or course(s) at WLIC and the student wishes to cancel their enrolment, all tuition, fees and charges will be refunded lessC$500 administration fee.
  9. At the completion of the WLIC program, the balance remaining in the student’s account will be transferred entirely to Wilfrid Laurier University for students enrolled in Wilfrid Laurier University. For students not enrolled in Wilfrid Laurier University, remaining balance less a $250 administration fee will be transferred an account designated by the student.
  10. All approved refunds under this Fee Refund Policy will be paid within four weeks of receiving a written claim from the student in a form and containing such information as is reasonably required by the Navitas North America Director of Finance.

* Term fees is calculated based on 4 courses

** Program fees is calculated based on 8 courses for University Transfer Program Stage 1 (UTP Stage 1) or 10 courses for University Transfer Program Stage 2 (UTP Stage 2)

*** For shorten semesters (7 weeks), notification period is weeks 1-2 for no penalty and weeks 3-7 for no refund

The cancellation fees listed above refer only to WLIC tuition, fees and charges. For cancellation fees relating to airport reception or homestay placement, please contact the relevant third party.

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